Our Buylist - Selling Instructions


Selling to Agora Hobby is easy!

Please Note!

• We only buy english language cards.
• We do not buy foil cards.
• We only buy cards that are in near mint condition.

**Near Mint Condition – Without any major flaws, maybe with very minor flaws that are unnoticeable unless closely inspected. Flaws like a few tiny nicks are possible with Near Mint cards, but anything more or multiples of it will be considered Slightly Played.

• We do not buy inked cards (including stamps, autographs, or blackened borders).
• Cards must be sorted according to the order as shown on your sell list from top to bottom.


1. Please email us a correctly formatted list of the cards you want to sell to boohasa@gmail.com.


Example of a correctly formatted sell list:

Wish to sell you the following cards:

Edition / Card Name / Condition $2.00 (5) $10.00
Edition / Card Name / Condition $2.00 (4) $8.00
Bulk Rares $0.10 (159) $15.90
Total: $33.90


Preferred payment method

- PayPal (Kindly include your PayPal e-mail address here, if you are requesting PayPal payment )

- Bank Transfer ( Only applicable for DBS / POSB bank account , Kindly include your bank account type and account number if you are requesting DBS / POSB bank transfer )


2. We will reply within two business days for approval or declination of your sale. If we approve the purchase, we would send you a confirmation e-mail.

3. After receiving the confirmation e-mail from us, you can proceed to pack and ship your cards with a print-out of the email confirmation and your sell list to this address:


Attn: Agora Hobby
SINGAPORE (200809)


Kindly ensure that your cards are packaged securely, we would not be responsible for any items damaged in the transit. You are responsible for all shipping cost of items you are selling to us, including any postages due or custom fees that we may incur upon reception of your package.


After You Shipped Out The Sell Order

Once we received your cards, we would review your package to make sure all the cards are accounted for, and they are in near mint condition. If your cards need to be returned (usually due to issues with card condition), you will be responsible for the cost of shipping to have the cards returned.

Please ship your cards within two business days of receiving approval for your sale. You do not need to get us the cards within two days, but the postmark on the package must reflect that the cards were shipped within two business days of your confirmation e-mail.

International Shipments

We accept shipment from all countries; however most international orders take 7-14 additional business days to process. Whenever there are custom or import fees associated with your package, you are responsible for the payment of the fees. In the case of such fees, we will contact you the amount of fees associated with your package, and deduct that amount from your final order total.


We reserve the rights to refuse any sell order, at any time, for any reason. Payment by bank transfer or PayPal is usually sent within a business week of confirmed receipt of your cards. You will be responsible for all PayPal fees associated with payment. Information of PayPal fees are found here:


If we receive a counterfeit card, the seller will be contacted and the counterfeit card will be destroyed.

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