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Magic the Gathering Buylist

Most of us have extra cards lying around - Draft decks, pieces of old Standard Decks, and half-finished brews that didn't work out are just some of the causes. If you want to turn those cards into something you'll actually use, you can sell them to us! You can turn those cards into cash - or, if you're trying to build new decks, you can choose Store Credits and get a 30% bonus!

Here at Agora Hobby, we buy in any English rare with a minimum buy price of  $0.10 (SGD)*.

Alternatively you can trade in for Store Credit and get a 30% BONUS


Instructions on how to sell to us is available here.

Our buy in price is based on Card Kingdom's buy list. For cash option it will be $1.00 USD to $1.00 SGD from their buy in price. however if you opt for store credits, there will be a 30% bonus from the cash value.

Please note that we are not buying in singles that are under these categories below,

1) Common & Uncommon Non Foil / Foil cards with CK buy in price 50 Cents USD and below

2) Foreign Language cards EXCEPT War of the Spark Alternate Planeswalker series and Strixhaven: School of Mages Alternate Art Japanese Mystical Archives cards

3) Gold border cards / Non basic land card from Unhinged, Unglued, Unstable / Tokens card

For Bulk Rare (CK Buy in price is 10 Cents USD), we only buy in at flat rare 10 Cents SGD with no conversion or bonus for store credits.

*Store credits do not have expiry date, non-transferable between accounts and can use to purchase singles and non-consignment products.

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